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Marine Science:

Nudibranch creature feature (Nature NSW Spring 2016)

GPS Kelp Surveys - trialling underwater video surveys with a surface-towed GPS rig (URG Bulletin July 2016)

Early Australian ichthyology - short overview of early fish scientists including Darwin and Bleeker (awaiting publication).

Blue Carbon - how do our oceans help us to store carbon? (Nature NSW Winter 2016).

Rewilding the Ocean - bringing back our large marine predators (Nature NSW Autumn 2016).

Cephalopods - from octopus to cuttlefish, learn more about these intelligent and amazing creatures (URG Bulletin, Dec 2013)

Habitats of Bare Island - why is this tiny lump of rock so diverse under the water? (URG Bulletin, Nov 2013)

What is a Nudibranch Anyway? - different types of nudibranches, interesting facts and behaviours (URG Bulletin, Mar 2014)

Communities of Underwater Sydney - presentation with Inke Faulkner, SIMS (NPA Marine Forum 2014)

GPS Mapping - the techniques involved in using GPS to map sites and features underwater (URG Bulletin, Feb 2013)

Whale Migration (URG Bulletin Oct 2012)

Cnidarians - Stingers (URG Bulletin Nov 2012)

Marine Worms (URG Bulletin 2012)

Ocean Acidification (URG Bulletin 2012)

Citizen Science:

Rock platforms - walking on the edge (Nature NSW Spring 2016)

Marine Surveys for Citizen Scientists - Presentation - (Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre May 2016)

URG Research over the Decades - Presentation - (URG 60th at SIMS, May 2016)

Slates, Cameras, Transects, Action! (Sportdiving magazine, issue 167)

Ningaloo Reef Life Survey trip (RLS Oct 2015)

Dragons of Sydney - Weedy seadragon citizen science program (URG Bulletin Oct 2015) and Nature NSW Winter 2015 

Underwater Survey Methods for Citizen Scientists - chapter extract (NPA Survey Techniques for Citizen Scientists, 2015)

The Lost Coral - a great story of citizen science spanning two generations (URG Bulletin, Dec 2013)

Reef Life Survey - the methods and features of this robust survey protocol, told as a personal experience during training (RLS, Apr 2013)

Marine Pollution - A Diver's Perspective (URG Bulletin 2013)

Scientific Diver (URG Bulletin 2013)


The science behind marine parks (Afloat, Dec 2015)

Sydney Marine Park Update (Nature NSW Spring 2015)

Sydney Marine Park Update (Nature NSW Winter 2015)

Sydney Marine Park Update (Nature NSW Autumn 2015)

Seahorses and Sanctuary Zones - is the "threat" real? (URG Bulletin, Sep 2014)

Sydney - Life Beneath the Waves poster (Nature NSW 2014)

Ten Reasons for a Sydney Marine Park poster (Nature NSW 2014)

Social Values of Marine Protected Areas - it's not always about the money! (Nature NSW, Oct 2013)

Do Marine Reserves Work? - discussion of the differences between terrestrial and marine parks, and the factors important to the success of Marine Protected Areas (URG Bulletin, Sep 2013)


Feature Dive - Fish Rock (Nature NSW Spring 2016)

Feature Dive - Lord Howe Island (Nature NSW Winter 2016)

Feature Dive - Sydney Offshore Reefs (Nature NSW Autumn 2016)

Feature Dive - North Head Sydney Harbour (Nature NSW Spring 2015)

Feature Dive - Nelsons Bay (Nature NSW Summer 2015)

Feature Dive - Botany Bay Heads (Nature NSW Winter 2015)

Feature Dive - Montague Island (Nature NSW Autumn 2014)

Feature Dive - Solitary Islands (Nature NSW Summer 2014)

Feature Dive - Clifton Gardens (Nature NSW Spring 2014)

Self-Reliant Diver - the course, what you learn and why it may be appropriate for you (URG Bulletin, Feb 2013)

Why is diving in NSW so good? - why we are so lucky to have such great diving; the role of the EAC (URG Bulletin, Aug 2013)

Camp Cove - a recent survey dive there, including a particularly interesting sighting of a rare species (URG Bulletin Jun 2013)

Failure Modes, Redundancy and the Buddy System (URG Bulletin 2012)


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