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We are a community-based organisation that is dedicated to sharing information about our amazing underwater world, so that more people can appreciate it and ultimately contribute to it's conservation.

Inspire people

Underwater photography to highlight the beauty and intrigue of the ocean  

Videos for education and conservation issues       

Articles posted online and in newsletters



Engage the community

Workshops for clubs and other community groups

Education programs in schools and youth organisations

Environmental funding applications and project management



Conserve our oceans and the life within

Fish ID and Reef Life Surveys (RLS)

Cleanup days and marine debris surveys

Scientific diving training and low-impact diving

Red-lined flabellina - Flabellina rubrolineata

Half-banded seaperch - Hypoplectrodes maccullochi

Gloomy octopus - Octopus tetricus

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John Turnbullok we're a bit overdue telling you about this one - our Flickr site passed 1 million views in September last year. Right now we're up to 1.4 million!


    John TurnbullABC article on the crayweed project uses one of Marine Explorer's photos; scientist observing crayweed at Palm Beach


      John TurnbullThe Mercury article on Smithsonian / RLS research uses one of Marine Explorer's photos - Sue Newson and a seahorse in Jervis Bay


        John TurnbullCoverage of the Dragons of Sydney citizen science program in the Manly Daily / Telegraph http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/northern-beaches/csi-style-search-for-sydneys-weedy-seadragons-with-genetic-samples-and-fingerprints/story-fngr8hax-12


          John TurnbullMarine Explorer features in the Sunday Tele for Reef Life Surveys http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/sydney-reef-life-survey-to-tally-all-marine-life-under-the-sea/story-fni0cx12-1227279342434


            John TurnbullMarine Explorer (John Turnbull) and the URG team in Jervis Bay on the ABC's 730 report! http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2015/s4182002.htm


              John TurnbullUnderwater Sydney and Mountains to Sea Aquariums are sharing our videos; spread the love guys!


                John TurnbullOver 400,000 Flickr views!


                  John TurnbullSydney Underwater has been upgraded to NSW Underwater! We've added photos and videos for sites including Lord Howe Island, Solitary Islands, Broughton Island, Port Stephens and more. Click here to explore the map http://marineexplorer.org/Map.aspx


                    John TurnbullThe Wilderness Society is using some of our photos in their celebration of the beauty of nature


                      John TurnbullHmmm it seems the Daily Telegraph used a collection of our photos in a display of "Magical marine life"... http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/photos-fni0cx12-1226766752207?page=1&nk=97408a42c79c0ebb014a52ee8ab9e52b


                        John TurnbullAttending the annual Australian Marine Science Association conference this week in Canberra - so much to see and hear in four days!


                          John TurnbullA couple of our species-specific videos have been purchased by a production company for use in a TV series on dangerous Australian animals - watch this space for more information on it's release


                            John TurnbullMarine Explorer has been awarded a project to provide a large number of photos for an exhibition in Sydney later this year. The details are confidential but stay tuned; it opens in November!


                              John TurnbullRLS have published an article on the Lord Howe Island surveys http://reeflifesurvey.com/2014/04/07/lord-howe-island-survey-trip-written-by-rls-diver-john-turnbull/


                                John TurnbullThe Reef Life Survey of Lord Howe Island was a huge success; 10 divers conducted over 100 surveys across 50 sites. The data will allow ongoing study of fish and invertebrate species on the island, including trends and movements.


                                  John TurnbullVery exciting - have just been offered a place on the Reef Life Survey of Lord Howe Island next year; two weeks of marine surveys based at the research station. Plenty of photos and stories to come!


                                    John TurnbullIt's great to see all the support we're getting on our Facebook page; over 750 followers now. https://www.facebook.com/MarineExplorer


                                      John TurnbullThanks for the postings everyone, both here and on Facebook. Nice shot of the rockcod Wander! There are lots of new photos on our Facebook and Flickr pages (see links below). I'll be adding a few more articles this week.


                                        The beautiful red rockcod! We can see them in our coastal waters, usually well laid on the bottom. This species belongs to the same order of the famous lionfish. Photo taken in Shelly beach.